DrupalCamp Kyiv 2016

How did we spend it

9th DrupalCamp Kyiv was held on 4-5 June 2016. Camp provided interesting and productive weekend for all participants - it become a true meeting place for Drupal community, platform for growth of Drupal professionals.

Looking back, that year we have achieved a breakthrough, even among Ukrainian conferences we reached a record. Here are some indicators:

  • the number of participants is more than 300. To be precise, there were 312 participants and two children-girls on the Camp :)

  • 4 presentation streams

  • 32 presentations total

  • CodeSpring gathered about 50 participants (CodeSprint results)

On the first day, 4th of June, there was a rich program of presentations on actual topics from the Drupal world. The exact program you can find under link. Presentations and media materials are on the other link.

On the second day, 5th of June, there was a short introductory lecture about working principles on drupal.org and then we launched #CodeSprintUA. From participants on the second day there were quite a lot of people who was working with open source for the first time. We had a great opportunity to watch first patches ever in Drupal modules and conducted their validation and acceptance on the big screen to the applauses.

We managed to make Camp 16 atmospheric, useful and positive. Incredibly significant component of the event was people:

  • sponsors, without whom all this would be impossible

  • participants, who came from different cities in Ukraine and other countries

  • speakers who prepared presentations responsibly and shared their knowledge and experience

As you know, we follow transparency, though we are happy to share with you our financial report:

Total raised fund is 389,832 UAH, where

  • costs for incoming tickets: 92 759 UAH

  • funds provided by sponsors: 294,383 UAH

The event cost 346 792.98 UAH, where

rental space, UAH

32 806

meals, UAH

86 492

party in Pivna Duma, UAH

85 000

bill for photographers and photo processing, UAH

8 400

prints, bags, gifts for participants, UAH

55 753

website, marketing and help team, UAH

41 025

logistics and other related costs, UAH

2 700

taxes paid to Ukrainian budget, UAH

19 271


The remaining amount 43,040 UAH was and continues to be used for organisations of Drupal Cafe Kyiv.


On behalf of Camp organizers team, we express our deep gratitude to all of you that became part of the event and helped us to create an event that shows that Ukrainian Drupal community is set to progressive and efficient growth not tomorrow or in a year, but even today.


Your feedback on drupal.org as a participant is very useful for us. It will help to continue DrupalCamp Kyiv development. In addition, we are open for any comments and suggestions about possible area of improvement and development of the event under link. We will do our best to implement it in future.



See you at DrupalCamp Kyiv 2017 on June 10 - 11 !

Kiev, 1 Andriya Malyshka St.