DrupalCamp Kyiv 2016 was created with collaborative efforts of community members

Please meet our team. We invested about 3 months of our time, inspiration and all available resources to create DrupalCamp Kyiv 2016. Before starting Camp preparation we set out the goal to raise the level of the event. And here are several points we wanted to archive:

  • modern updated design
  • rich and informative program
  • 300+ participants
  • activities in social networks for close contact with Ukraine Drupal community on each stage of preparation
  • informing new people about working opportunities with Drupal



Project Manager of DrupalCamp Kyiv 2016


Main areas of responsibility of Camp preparation were distributed among community members and Olena coordinated all the team. Informational materials, legal relations, explanation of Camp preparation process took part of the Olena’s day during few months.

Camp preparation process had the motto "If you don’t know smthing - ask Pustovoyt" :)


Yurii Gerasimov, IMAGEX

Responsible for the Camp program

Rich program of Camp 2016 is completely the merit of Yura. A team led by Yura gathered so many speakers that we need to order an extra room urgently :) Another great achievement is that only one scheduled report was canceled and it was replaced in few minutes.


Shurik Barkov, DEWEB Studio

responsible for the website, marketing plan and management of fees and payments

The whole developers team from DEWEB Studio, that Shurik created in 2006, was involved into the whole period of Camp preparation. Thanks to clear marketing plan there was a Camp website. DrupalCamp web was created in line the preparation process, sections were launched precisely when we wanted to fill it in. If you like the style of Camp 2016 - it was developed under Shurik careful management.


Oleksander Schedrov, FFW

responsible for sponsorships

Sasha extremely careful covered his area of responsibility, and we might say it was very efficient :) Sasha is true coordinator, he is a master of diplomatic skills and communications. He created sponsorship packages, attracted companies to support the event, coordinated people that involved in negotiation process. He meticulously monitored implementation of full amount of commitments to each sponsor. We think, you can sign with him anything.


Oleksii Bogush, DEWEB Studio

responsible for tickets, location and food

Have you ever organized a Birthday Party for 15 people? We guess, you were tired, right?

And now please imagine that we have to place 300-350 people at several locations with food in two days. When we have started Camp preparation, we had no idea, it will be 150 or 300+ of participants. There were huge amount of incoming calls, amendments to orders, answers for clarification questions. This is incredible workload, believe us :)


Anatolii Polyakov, Door3

responsible for financial management

Tolik made calculations, stopped the flow of our ideas just to have the most important points to be covered, showed us the green light for priority expenses once appeared a new sponsor. Also Tolik was open to help us in any area as soon the need matched with a bit of free time.



Andrii Podanenko, Druler, FFW

responsible for CodeSprint

Andrew was the ideologic creator of Drupal Ukraine Community, that works on Ukraine reputation improvement and support in Andrew was famous in Ukraine and abroad Drupal professional before the start of Camp preparation. Andrew was responsible for the CodeSprint program, that was a part of Camp 2016.



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