For Speakers

The program of DrupalCamp Kyiv is formed by the Organizing Committee for the continuous growth of the community members and sharing knowledge.

During the Camp three streams of reports will be held in the premises of Bratislava hotel. Premises accomodate 200, 80 and 60 people accordingly.


We plan to cover the following topics:

  • improvement of relationships with Drupal 8,

  • life hacks of work with Drupal 7,

  • OpenSource contribution as an instrument of growth,

  • successful start for beginners,

  • management of Drupal-oriented teams,

  • CMF / CMS Drupal - how to sell projects on Drupal.


At DrupalCamp Kyiv speakers will be able to share their knowledge, experience and achievements with the peers. Presenting at OpenSource events is a great way to consolidate the expertise, get professional feedback and comunicate with the audience to build up both friendly and business relations.


If you have something to tell about your experience:

We invite you to share the topic and short theses of your report with the Organizing Committee for approval and adding to the list.


If you are already among the speakers:

Two-way cooperation is very important for us. Please, make sure we have your photo, a link to your social networks profiles and wellformulated theme of your report. Moreover, be so kind as to provide us with presentation materials, so we can ensure its availability during the event and afterwards.


Thank you in advance for your self-management and punctuality :)

Kiev, 1 Andriya Malyshka St.