DrupalCamp Kyiv

DrupalCamp Kyiv 2016 is the major event of Ukrainian Drupal community. Camp will take place during June, 4-5, 2016 at the Bratislava hotel.


Our annual conference is an event that brings people together for mutual support, education, communication and inspiration. We have evolved significantly for the recent years. Thus, at our 8th gathering we expect more than 250 community members from Ukraine and neighboring countries.


DrupalCamp Kyiv picks up the most active members of the community in Kyiv to demonstrate successful cases, life hacks, useful strategies for the development of companies and individuals in the Drupal sphere. Moreover, it’s a great opportunity for beginners to learn at first hand about drupalization and what one should do to build a fast-moving and successful career in this area.


This year in virtue of DrupalCamp Kyiv we would like to reach the following goals:

  • strengthening the Ukrainian community which works with opensource framework Drupal,

  • to prove that Ukrainian-based specialists are worldwide recognized skilled experts,

  • establishing social relations between the participants,

  • professional growth of community members,

  • identify the most effective management models of the Drupal-oriented projects and teams,

  • involvement of the beginners, who are interested in working with Drupal,

  • further acknowledging what #crazy_ukrainians are capable for.


Traditionally, Camp is the most extensive platform for the Drupal knowledge & experience exchange in Ukraine. Here you can always find recognizable mentors, talented specialists, optimistic juniors, expressive designers and managers of different ranks. Each Camp allows participants to make a step forward in self-development.


This year in the DrupalCampKyiv program:

  • reports in several parallel streams

  • inspirational CodeSprint,

  • irrepressible Drupal-party.

Kiev, 1 Andriya Malyshka St.